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In which it rains; the cats return to centre stage; it rains; I discover the North West Passage; it rains; and, finally, it rains some more!

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, January 26, 2014,

I look out the window and its blowing a gale and raining. It seems to have been raining all week although we bizarrely had a sunny day yesterday when we sat out on our patio drinking a cup of tea and enjoying the afternoon sun. Apart from that it has been raining almost all week and Mrs. Parish and I and the cats are all going a bit stir crazy.

To start the week the cats were glad to get their house back after the visit of Tommo. They insisted that they also get back their proper place in th...

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The tale of Tommo, the crazy Keeshond; Mrs. Parish gets a chant and we all have a lamb feast

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, January 19, 2014,

So we moved from the weirdness of a French New Year’s Eve to the craziness that is Tommo the three-legged Keeshond, who came to stay for a week and caused great disruption to the Parish household. Tommo is the dog of my son Ian and his fiancée Emma. He is a Keeshond which is a sort of Spitz like dog which originates from Holland. (Apparently they were used as guard dogs on barges). Tommo has only three legs having lost one due to an accident with a bicycle. Not one he was riding but which ...

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Tommo the three legged Keeshond comes to stay

Posted by Graham Parish on Thursday, January 16, 2014,
Tommo, the Keeshond with only three legs and an amazing amount of hair (Ian and Emma's dog) who has descended upon us and the cats causing mayhem, much hilarity, harassment to the local vet, amusement to the local butcher and the delay of the full weekly blog!! Normal service will be be resumed next Sunday (with any luck!!). The cats have lodged a formal protest at the disruption to their normal arrangements and demanded extra treats in compensation.

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Skipping unicyclists; wine glass balancing; dancing magicians; just another French New Year’s Eve, capped by the curious incident of the dog in the night

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, January 5, 2014,

I finished last week’s blog with the prospect of New Year’s Eve approaching and its promise of good food and weird television. Well, we were not disappointed. We visited our local butcher, Monsieur Rebuffe in Ambrieres, our local town. The nice thing about French butchers is that often you can get pre prepared meals just ready for you to cook or reheat at home. However for special nights you do need to order in advance. Judging by the number of packages waiting for collection lots of peop...

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