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I plan to update this with regular  news of my adventures and those of my animals at La Godefrere.  You can now look us up on our new facebook page - La Godefrere.

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Autumn arrives and things fall down, good and bad at the rugby world cup, I collect leaf litter and have a boozy afternoon with Giselle and Daniel

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, September 27, 2015,
On Wednesday it was officially autumn according to our calendar. This of course a significant date as it gives free licence for everything to fall down with gay abandon. We have already had apples falling but now they are falling even faster as if they have been given the go ahead. We have walnuts dropping and the chestnuts will not be far behind. The trees are also starting to lose their leaves. At the same time there are the autumn fruits to be picked and we have loads of raspberries.

So not...

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No hens but we have the festival of wine, the hunt returns and we encounter Gandalf, Felix, Rambo, and the butcher’s super heroes

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, September 20, 2015,
After Emma and her hens departed we thought that all would be calm and quiet here at La Godefrere. Admittedly they were a hard act to follow but of course this is France and there is always something happening to cause excitement and merriment. This week has produced some interesting experiences.

Firstly this week has seen the arrival of the “Foire au Vin” or festival of wine at our local supermarket. In fact all the supermarkets have a wine festival and get in whole loads of wine of all s...

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A week of Emma’s Hens – a drunken blur of ants & alpacas, dinosaurs & dodgy pizzas, songs and strawberry penises and there are mole, magpie and mending incidents

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, September 13, 2015,
I mentioned in the blog last week that I thought this week might be strange as we awaited the arrival of our prospective daughter in law Emma with 10 friends for a French style hen do. Little did I anticipate quite how strange it would be?

The week started with a potential disaster as we had purchased several “gifts” to adorn our gite and to convert it to the “Hen House”. My daughter Amy made a suitable sign for it and we went to our local tacky shop to get balloons and other decoratio...

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A strange week involving Irish nuns and contemporary art, then moles and the meaning of life, Apples and there is a snake incident

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, September 6, 2015,

Mrs. Parish has returned and so all is calm and ordered again at La Godefrere. Thankfully I had managed to complete my list of tasks and the house was clean and tidy and all the ironing completed. The cats had not left home and the garden was in a reasonable state although Mrs. Parish seemed to find an inordinate amount of things that still needed doing and has been pottering ever since she returned. While all appears calm there is always something happening, usually to me. 

Our daughter Amy c...

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