Welcome to the Blog part of the website. This is my attempt to make sense of Kate and I living in France, the lifestyle,the french, my home and animals and anything else that seems amusing to me. Sorry I have a strange sense of humour!! 

I plan to update this with regular  news of my adventures and those of my animals at La Godefrere.  You can now look us up on our new facebook page - La Godefrere.

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It is “amuse a hen week” so we invent chickenball; the cats have submitted an equal value claim and we meet the flying tailor of the Eiffel tower

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, December 18, 2016,
It has been a mostly damp and misty week so although we have been out to buy the guttering for the cat’s palace we haven’t got very far with putting it up. It has been too wet and dismal and so we will probably now wait until after Christmas. Although this year we will only be having one Christmas instead of last year’s 4. Still I am sure we will have a good time. We have ordered some guinea fowl from our butcher for Christmas Day and also some wild boar for New Year. There are still pl...

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From escape to confinement, it’s been one hell of a hen week; we encounter chicken nests and donkeys’ backs and move from concreting to rubble clearing

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, December 11, 2016,

Well, once again it has been a funny but action packed week here in rural France. When we moved here 4 years ago I had ideas of relaxation and attuning myself to the slow pace of rural French life. A morning stroll to the boulangerie to get some bread. A coffee in the local bar while we watched the world go by. Perhaps lunch in a small village restaurant followed by a doze in the armchair in the afternoon.

What I had not planned for is chasing chickens around the fields as they continue to esc...

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Pot-au-Feu; dangerous dancing; Houdini hens; hen herding; cow and sheep swop and there is a sandwich incident

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, December 4, 2016,
The social whirl continues and last night we were at a repas in nearby Brece. Last night’s menu was Pot-au-Feu (pot on the fire).This is a French beef stew. According to the chef Raymond Blanc, pot-au-feu is "the quintessence of French family cuisine, it is the most celebrated dish in France. It honours the tables of the rich and poor alike. The essence of a pot-au-feu is to slow cook the beef usually with carrots, leeks and cabbage. The broth from the cooking is served as a soup to start t...

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