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I plan to update this with regular  news of my adventures and those of my animals at La Godefrere.  You can now look us up on our new facebook page - La Godefrere.

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Final reflections on the French elections; St. Francis of la Godefrere; chicken, chicken; more amazing trail camera action.

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, June 25, 2017,

At the end of a very hot week here in France and it has finally got a little bit cooler. We have had weather coming up from the Sahara and it has been too hot to do much. The garden is suffering with the heat and lack of rain. The grass in the garden and orchard that a couple of weeks ago was lush green is now turning brown or white where the sun has scorched it. It has meant that the grass hasn’t needed cutting but it does look very sorry. Mrs. Parish has been concerned about all the stuff...

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Cat in a hot chicken house: the effect of swearing at hens; Spring watch comes to La Godefrere and the last day of the French elections

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, June 18, 2017,
The weather has finally decided that it is summer and this past week we have had wall to wall sunshine. Today is a gloriously sunny day with clear blue skies and it is hot. So, I am here sat under one of the trees in the orchard trying to get some shade while I write up the blog. The hot weather is going to last all week and it is likely to get even hotter as the week goes on. Fortunately, there is a light breeze which is helping to maintain a bit of coolness. If not we revert to the ice crea...

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Election surprises here and there; silence of the lambs; watching the grass grow; the happy time returns

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, June 11, 2017,
Well, another week has gone by and this time it has been mostly sunny. With that in mind I head out to the garden to continue my innovative approach to writing the blog in the garden. The sun appears to have disappeared and there is a cooling breeze. So, instead of using the wisteria for shade I am now using it as a windbreak! Instead of a nice chilled glass of wine I have a mug of tea to keep my hands warm enough to type the blog.

The weather has certainly been changeable this week. This morn...

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An artistic change; Requiem for a Magpie; The silence of the hens; fox crossing; we build a Sitootery and listen for whom the bell tolls

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, June 4, 2017,
There has been a radical change to my usual Sunday habit of disappearing for several hours indoors to write up the weekly blog. Mrs. Parish refers to my writer’s garret and warns that I will become pale and thin after shutting myself away in pursuit of writer’s inspiration. So this week I decide to take my laptop out into the garden so that I can be inspired by the sights and sounds of La Godefrere.

I discover that sitting at our garden table in the shade of the wisteria has a certain arti...

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