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It’s all a bit autumnal; Course des canards in Mayenne; an apple presser, par excellence; and garden art

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, September 24, 2017,

Friday 22nd September saw the official start of Autumn in France. We have noticed that the weather has become very autumnal. The mornings have become quite misty and the temperature a little chilly, at times almost frosty and certainly the grass is very wet. The evenings are closing in and it is getting darker earlier and it is a little colder.

The good side is that we have had some lovely bright, sunny autumn days and we have been tempted to get the shorts out once again. Autumn brings change...

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“Yond Emmeline has a lean and hungry look”; “a cat of a different coat”; the weather is wet so somehow tidying up becomes attractive!

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, September 17, 2017,

The hens are up to something! Every morning this week, just after they have been let out of the hen house, they have been seen in a conspiratorial huddle in the courtyard. Normally they go for likely food options, usually they head for the bird feeders. This morning their huddle became just a bit more sinister as it was misty.

It could be because they are moulting and losing feathers at a rate. Emmeline has not been flying over gates in the past week. So, it may be that idle wings make the dev...

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The girl who strimmed the hornets’ nest; A bird on a wire; August in France and amazing maize

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, September 10, 2017,
Sunday has come around once again and looking back at the week it has been mostly rainy and starting now to get chilly. Proper autumnal and it is time to say goodbye to the tee shirt and shorts that have been de rigeur throughout the summer.

We did have a lively start to the week when we were doing some tidying up work along the nature trail here at La Godefrere. Mrs. Parish is in charge of the strimmer and was togged up with all her gear, including helmet and ear defenders and a face guard re...

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A bit autumnal as we move into September; we have hen saboteurs; a hen surprise; the cats settle in and we meet a slippery customer.+

Posted by Graham Parish on Sunday, September 3, 2017,

So, we have arrived in September! Where did the summer go? It has turned a bit autumnal here at La Godefrere. After some very hot days the weather has returned to what is a bit more normal. It is now a bit chilly first thing in the morning and the nights are drawing in as it is now starting to get dark at around 9pm. At least one advantage of this is that the chickens go to bed before us! The hens tend to return to the hen house as it gets dark and then Mrs. Parish goes down and shuts them up...

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