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Cats galore this week as Petit seems to have completely settled in and we then see cats in black and white; a French madness descends

Posted by Graham Parish on Monday, March 26, 2018,
After last week’s cat free offering it was inevitable that the cats would hit back and force themselves back into the limelight. Petit appears to have fully settled into his new home and the other two have accepted the fact that the new one is here to stay and so they had better reconcile him to the regime and show him a few tricks.

The first rule seems to be that cats come first and so as soon they are let in to the house for an evening warm up they head for a comfy spot to warm up and have...

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This week a cat free zone and birds take centre stage as we get back to routine and the gite is ready for the new season

Posted by Graham Parish on Monday, March 19, 2018,
After a few weeks of excitement with new animals arriving and visitors forcing us to go out for restaurant meals and Emile and Yvette tempting us to village repas we finally get back to what serves as normal here in rural France.

As I finished the blog last week I had just had a visit from Emile and Yvette to sort out arrangements for a meal to celebrate both Yvette’s and my birthday. Yvette’s is on the 10th March and mine on the 11th. We had arranged to go to Brece on 13th but for a varie...

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This week, we have a duck feast; buy a 10-year-old coat; become a CDE (Cat Dominated Environment); experience air wars and the ants awaken!

Posted by Graham Parish on Monday, March 12, 2018,

I am pleased to report that there were no duck related incidents and accordingly the duck was successfully defrosted, prepared, cooked and delivered to table without any disasters. The duck was huge, weighing in at 3.5 kilos and Mrs. Parish had some problems squeezing it into the roasting pan but it went into the oven eventually. Mrs. Parish can be quite forceful!

Mrs. Parish had never roasted a whole duck before and needed some information so used the internet to take some advice and find a r...

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The long and complicated tale of Monsieur Petit; Little Owl goes a-courting; the boars now make 5 and we prepare a duck feast.

Posted by Graham Parish on Monday, March 5, 2018,
So, the cat has decided that we are OK and that maybe he will adopt us after a successful two-week trial period. It did however get quite complicated at times. When new cat first arrived, we put an announcement on Facebook and in the local bar that we had found this stray. After a few days we were contacted by an English couple who own a property about half a mile away across the fields at the bottom of our big field.

Apparently, they had found a small kitten in October last year and they thou...

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