Welcome to the Blog part of the website. This is my attempt to make sense of Kate and I living in France, the lifestyle,the french, my home and animals and anything else that seems amusing to me. Sorry I have a strange sense of humour!! 

I plan to update this with regular  news of my adventures and those of my animals at La Godefrere.  You can now look us up on our new facebook page - La Godefrere.

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RIP Emmeline; is there a rose wine shortage; there is a sandwich incident; we go on holiday and get in a resident artist and karma is established

Posted by Graham Parish on Tuesday, May 29, 2018,
I'm on holiday this week and sadly the wifi in our gite runs very slowly so I can't upload photos. You can however see the pictures on my facebook page "La Godefrere". Sorry!

It has been a sad week here at La Godefrere as we mourn the loss of one of our hens. Poor Emmeline the most bolshie of our three suffragette hens has gone to the great hen house in the sky. She had been ill for the past week, off her food and tottering around the garden and for lengthy periods just sitting and doing nothi...

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We meet goblins and fairies at Mortain; Oz comes to stay; we establish an animal hospital and make hay while the sun shines.

Posted by Graham Parish on Monday, May 21, 2018,
Our friends Sandy and Kathy have returned to England after a week with us. As I reported last week we have a tradition of tidying up half empty whisky bottles (whisky bottles are always half empty and never half full!). We had a good week of tidying and the week was full of sunny weather so we managed to get out and do some sight-seeing. For the first time we visited the town of Mortain in Normandy, about half an hour away from us.

Sandy and Kathy with Mrs, Parish in our garden

We had been attr...

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Whisky is tidied; the Ants have been found; more sheep but less wool; we go al fresco and the hens stop laying

Posted by Graham Parish on Tuesday, May 15, 2018,

Our friends Sandy and Kathy have arrived and so there is much eating and drinking going on and a certain amount of disruption to the strict timescales we work to here at La Godefrere. Sandy has been a leading light in efforts to tidy up my whisky, while bringing in full bottles to be prepared for future tidying. It is important to maintain a balance and cyclical approach or run the risk of running out of whisky. So far, we have managed to tidy up 3 bottles which have now to be smuggled out to...

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Sunny days arrive but the Ice Saints cometh; Ant exodus; the Buzzard has landed; May Day 50 years on;

Posted by Graham Parish on Monday, May 7, 2018,

What a week! After a cold and wet week sunny days and soaring temperatures have arrived. La Godefrere is looking lovely as all the trees are coming out and the flowers are looking very colourful. It has been so warm that we have reverted to shorts and have been eating and drinking outside on the terrace. Being outside and enjoying a drink in the evening sun at 8pm is a delight.

But, the ice saints are coming this weekend!  In France les Saints de Glace have a special status. St Pancras, perhap...

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