Just when things seem to be going well life has a habit of kicking you in the teeth. Sadly our beautiful grey cat Minou has gone missing. She has now been gone for over a week and we have to fear the worst. She went missing overnight last Saturday 7th and we have looked everywhere without success. She has disappeared before and got stuck in our neighbour’s outbuildings, but Giselle and Daniel have searched for her and she is not there.

We are both very upset by this and I keep a look out hoping she will come round the corner at feeding time. It is difficult when we don’t know what happened to her. We have had Minou for about 4 years and she was rescued as a kitten, having been abandoned in a plastic bag with Moggie, in a nearby town. So from that unfortunate start she has enjoyed a good life here and we have many happy memories of her. As a farm cat in rural France there are always some dangers and it seems she was unlucky. 

I know that those of you who have met Minou will be equally as sad and so I will put up a few photos to remember her.

I am not much in the mood to reflect on the lighter side of French life this week.


Minou Sept 2014

Minou Dec 2016